It all started with creativity, love and a passion for art.
Thelma Designs was founded in the summer of 2018.


With the love of creation, Thelma Vigil (founder and owner) decide to share her talent through graphic service, crafted products
and special events, including stationery, personalized party favours and centerpieces.

Thelma Vigil has experience in various types of art with the goal of enhancing life’s special moments. 
Applying her marketing skills in a respectful business, she gained other knowledge, complementing her true love and passion for artistic creation.
She is a gentle creative soul with a passion for art and elegance.

The family business is based on that
passionate drive, and each product is made with love.

Thelma Vigil

Founder and owner

B2B, B2C, B2B2C, B2C2B, and 360 Marketing Specialist
Project Management – Freelancer – Graphic Designs
Business Administration in Marketing

I am a growth-oriented professional in an ever-changing environment where integrity is paramount.
With more than 15 years experience in marketing,
12 of which are in digital marketing development, I can assist with implementing projects and align them with a global marketing strategy.

Thanks to my enthusiasm, commitment, strong analytical skills,
attention to detail and engagement in ensuring the development and integration of Web projects,
I possess the skills necessary to drive the success of a large product offering on websites and in many social media platforms throughout for North America.