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5 Easy-tips on how to find a DJ in 2020?


How to find a DJ? This is the question that arises when one is preparing an event that it will entertain you and your guests. You need to have a general idea of what you are looking for.

For example:

  • The allocated budget
  • The number of guests
  • The location of the event
  • The experience we want to offer
  • Theme if there is any
  • Etc.

Once done, you can then start your research according to your preferences.

This is how I search by answering 5 simple questions :

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1. DJ depends on the event?

The job of a DJ can be different depending on the type of event. From weddings to nightclubs he can bring different experience towards your guests.  His knowledge of his equipment is an asset making him an entertainment specialist. So, it is better to shop in related networks in order to find him.

For instance, if you’re preparing a wedding, you can see in:

  • Trade shows such as The Bridal Salon
  • Wedding sites
  • A wedding coordinator
  • A wedding supplier
  • Family or friends who recently attended a union.

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2. Listening to a sample is a reference?

Patrick from Sky Entertainz explained us :

[ We have an unedited video that we showcase all the important parts of the evening ! This video is available upon meeting only. If it permits, we invite them to a wedding and see how we operate live.]

Don’t forget that during your evening, you and your guests will experience simultaneously his performance.  It’s better to trust your intuition if there’s something wrong when you listen to his samples.

Also, you’ll have a chance to experience his flair for entertainment. You need to connect to make sure you will trust him and that he will follow the schedule on the event day.

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3. Other service offered, added value?

Certainly, he must ensure continuous musical entertainment during the evening. But what else he can do? Some DJs have other services that can live-up the event:

  • Animators to raise the mood
  • Singers/ Dancers ex Balladic
  • Musicians / Instrument players ex Tam Tam

This will definitely make a difference of the given service.

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Also, for their equipment and their decor! You have to verify what else is included in their packages.

Such as :

  • Moving lights or Cold fireworks ( Sparkular )
  • Providing microphones
  • Professional booth
  • Dress code
  • Securing their wires for the guests

You already invested time and money for your event. Ask in detail what you’re paying for.

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4. Musical choices that recognize you?

Have you opted for a rustic or chic decor? You know they are beautiful but way so different. It’s the same thing if your origins will predominate the evening or if you prefer the songs from the top chart list. Some DJs are more familiar with the traditions of certain cultures and can easily adapt to the dynamism of the guests.

Remember that once your candidate is chosen, you will give him your schedule list and your YES and NO songs. This is when you will customize your event.

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5. Agreement?

Finally, the day has arrived …. but where is the DJ?

Ask for a contract to find out their responsibilities and commitments. It‘s your reference document for reserving the date and any other service that will be allocated. Mainly your price guarantee to avoid surprises. Don’t let any uncertainties hurt your event. If you are comfortable with your candidate’s contract and his work, then sign his contract and enjoy your event.

Ahmad & Sarab
Photographer: Vic Villegas


So, there you go. Hopefully my 5 questions helped you to find YOUR DJ. Let us know your experience and share with us your favorite tips.


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Thank you Sky Entertainz






Special thanks for the collaboration of Patrick from Sky Entertainz
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Written by Thelma Vigil

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Publication: January 2020

The use of the masculine gender has been adopted to facilitate reading and has no discriminatory intent.

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Art with Graphic Designs

Graphic Designs but what is it?

Did you know that graphic design has accompanied us for several years!

Source of communication, art at the same time, you have seen it for a long time before understanding an advertisement or seeing a logo.


This is since the man had managed to draw on the rocks or walls transmitting thus a message of hunting, victory or other moment in particular of their life to immortalize his passage in this world.

Through the years, techniques, tools, creative people and life influences have helped the evolution of graphic design in every instance. Like the stages of paintings, it is found among other things in the Industrial Revolution. Accompanied by the first appearances of the Typography and by their mode of printing.

Also found in the years of New Art by forms, movements and lines combined.

Progress of years ….

It was not until the 1922s that the name Graphic Design appeared by William Addison Dwiggins.

In the years 1947 the logos of Paul Rand define a new era of the communication. IBM, UPS and ABC are among others that Paul Rand modified logos and marks an important moment in the communication. Letters and images are merged.

Progress of years ….

The arrival of computers !!!

Not only the digital visual has become present but also the appearance of new techniques and tools such as Paint and Photoshop, thus making it to its greatest success.

That being said…

When you have an event wanting to share this moment or beautify its surroundings, think about our graphic services. Everything will be harmonized with style and art!

It is your communication that will take shape.









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Written by Thelma Vigil.

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Publication: August 2019.

The use of the masculine gender has been adopted to facilitate reading and has no discriminatory intent.