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Art with Graphic Designs

Graphic Designs but what is it?

Did you know that graphic design has accompanied us for several years!

Source of communication, art at the same time, you have seen it for a long time before understanding an advertisement or seeing a logo.


This is since the man had managed to draw on the rocks or walls transmitting thus a message of hunting, victory or other moment in particular of their life to immortalize his passage in this world.

Through the years, techniques, tools, creative people and life influences have helped the evolution of graphic design in every instance. Like the stages of paintings, it is found among other things in the Industrial Revolution. Accompanied by the first appearances of the Typography and by their mode of printing.

Also found in the years of New Art by forms, movements and lines combined.

Progress of years ….

It was not until the 1922s that the name Graphic Design appeared by William Addison Dwiggins.

In the years 1947 the logos of Paul Rand define a new era of the communication. IBM, UPS and ABC are among others that Paul Rand modified logos and marks an important moment in the communication. Letters and images are merged.

Progress of years ….

The arrival of computers !!!

Not only the digital visual has become present but also the appearance of new techniques and tools such as Paint and Photoshop, thus making it to its greatest success.

That being said…

When you have an event wanting to share this moment or beautify its surroundings, think about our graphic services. Everything will be harmonized with style and art!

It is your communication that will take shape.









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Written by Thelma Vigil.

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Publication: August 2019.

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